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Q. What is the objective of the Journal of Common Stock?

A. It is the same as the statement on the front page:

The Journal of Common Stock delivers news, methods of analysis, strategies, references and information about investing or trading in common stocks.

Our main objective is to make trading in common stocks more profitable for you, your clients, and your company.

Q. When you post a stock as a Strong Buy what are you telling us?

A. When we post the Strong Buy list we are stating that we believe that the stocks on the list will reach the price targets within 12 months. Some of them will reach the target in a few weeks and most of them will be profitable postions in a month or so. This is based upon the criteria that is in our article How to Determine when a Stock is a Strong Buy.

Q. If you post a Strong Buy one month and the next month it is not listed as a Strong Buy does that mean sell that stock?

A. No, not at all, what it means is that other stocks may be even stronger buys and have moved up the list. We would post stocks that look like they might triple in price even if it meant dropping some stocks that were expected to double in price. As for selling, some investors or even short term traders may want to hold for the target price. Others may want to take profit at 20% or 40%. In all cases, sell when the target price is reached, if not before.

There is more profit to be made by buying new stocks from the Strong Buy list than there is by holding a stock that has reached its target price.

Q. What changes have you made to the Strong Buy List?

A. Our new method is now posted. There will be fewer "Strong Buys" but those that make the list will be the "strongest of the Strong Buys". We will post a journal entry when a stock reaches the target price.

If an investor follows the strong buy list, the target price will be the signal to exit from the position. In all cases, a stock on the strong buy list should be sold when the target is reached, however, many investors prefer to take profit at 20% or 50%, etc.

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